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 Music Therapy Services

Providing a vast array of services to the Tri-State area since 1998. 


Music therapy is the prescribed use of music to address the non-musical goals of each client.  Specifically designed experiences within a musical context can motivate and influence a variety of life goals in such areas as communication, cognition, physical needs, emotional needs, and socialization skills.

Music provides a unique motivation to interact with one's environment.  Its effect on an individual's mind, body & spirit allows us to utilize our clients' strength to address areas of need.

Music therapy techniques include, but are not limited to: song writing, drumming, improvisation, music & progressive relaxation, therapeutic singing, music & movement, guided playing, auditory cuing (rhythmic and melodic) and performance.

Music therapy services can be used to work on the following skills: Using music as a vehicle for non-verbal expression, to stimulate memory and recall skills, providing a positive atmosphere for creative learning, using music as a coping device, providing the opportunity to learn a musical instrument while working on non-musical skills, using music as part of a multi-sensory learning environment and providing a medium in which any response level can be part of an expressive creation with the therapist.


Sonata, Inc. is a music therapy private practice that provides individual and group music therapy treatment, evaluation and consultation services.  Through our work and documentation practices, we strive to continually add to the current body of research, as well as to educate and promote public awareness about the efficacy and value of music therapy.  All music therapists that work for Sonata, Inc., have completed a 1000+ hour internship and are Board-Certified to practice music therapy.  Our music therapists work on-site with a variety of populations.  All music therapists at Sonata, Inc. follow the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics; which are set forth by the American Music Therapy Association. 

Our work is specialized to fit our client's individual needs.  Each client has set long-term goals and short-term objectives.  Measurable weekly objectives are documented and continually monitored to ensure adequate progress is being made.  Evaluations occur to assess progress, techniques, and strategies utilized during music therapy.  

The therapists at Sonata, Inc. are trained to recognize and address the following processes of intervention: development, improvement, restoration, maintenance, prevention and quality of life.  Our philosophy for therapeutic intervention is supported by foundations in the Creative Music Therapy approach articulated by Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins.  These foundations include: within every human being there is an innate response to music; music allows us to develop expressive freedom and communication while building stronger, richer personalities; active music making engages and promotes personal involvement, organization and elicits growth and change.  

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