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 Music Therapy Services

Music Therapy and Other Populations


Music Therapists also work with children, adolescents, adults and older adults with developmental and learning disabilities, substance abuse problems, brain injuries, strokes, physical disabilities, palliative care, acute and chronic pain, and mothers in labor.


Music Therapy in Special Education


Music Therapy is considered a related service under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). When music therapy is deemed necessary to assist a child to benefit from his/her

special education, goals are determined and then placed on the Individual Education Plan (IEP) as a related service intervention.  Music therapy can offer direct or consultant services as determined by the individual needs of the child.  Music therapy can adapt strategies to encourage a child's participation in the least restrictive environment. 

Other Benefits of Music Therapy 

  • Using music as a vehicle for non-verbal expression

  • Using music to stimulate memory and recall skills

  • Providing a positive atmosphere for creative learning

  • Using music as a coping device

  • Providing the opportunity to be an active participant in a group setting

  • Providing the opportunity to learn a musical instrument while working on non-musical skills

  • Using music as a medium for family interaction

  • Using music as part of a multi-sensory learning environment

  • Providing a medium in which any response level can be part of an expressive creation with the therapist

Sonata's Group Music Preschool Program

Sonata provides group music classes to preschools in the community and surrounding communities.  Our classes are routed in developmentally appropriate practice and research in early childhood and music development.  There are long-term benefits associated with early exposure to music.  Experiencing music through singing, listening, moving and playing will improve academic readiness, develop social skills and uncover one's individual creativity; all of which generate expressive, confident and well-rounded individuals.  Music allows the child to build relationships and take on a variety of roles as leader, follower, explorer, creator, and choice maker.  

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